The This is Tampere website will offer new perspectives to locals, tourists and those thinking about moving to the Tampere Region. This year, Tampere-based photographer Jukka Salminen is looking for interesting people, phenomena and views from his home region and he will save his findings as photographs with a short English caption in the This is Tampere online gallery.

Salminen intends to keep his camera with him and eyes open in case surprising photographing moments pop up. The gallery is, however, mainly constructed by carefully planned photographing; Salminen's list of ideas is already very long and will become longer through the year.

– Most often the focus is on a person and his/her story in relation to the Tampere Region and what it is that the person in question is doing here. So, for example, when I wanted to share the great winter swimming possibilities, I asked a friend of mine to stay in the water just a little bit longer so that I could take my shot, says Salminen.

Salminen promises to tour the streets and market places, workplaces and events with his camera so that a wide spectrum of life in the Tampere Region will be portrayed in the gallery. This is Tampere is also a social media project: sharing photos is easy and more like a must. This way, every resident of the Tampere Region can generate hype for their home region in social media.